Please reach out to one of the contacts below on either the Europe or Atlanta campus. If you are not sure who to contact, email us at

Click for Emergency Contact Information.


Georgia Tech-Europe Campus

2 Rue Marconi
57070 Metz, France
Phone: +33 3 87 20 3939; FAX: +33 3 87 20 3940

Georgia Tech - Europe Campus


Additional questions? Email us at

Georgia Tech-Lorraine campus, Metz, France

United States

Georgia Tech-Europe – Atlanta Office

A.French Building, Suite 207-C

237 Uncle Heinie Way
Atlanta, GA 30332-0605
Phone: 404-894-2380; FAX: 404-894-2997

 A.French Building – Georgia Tech


Additional questions? Email us at

Georgia Tech-Lorraine, Atlanta Office - A. French Building, Suite 207-C
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Emergency Contact Information

Georgia Tech-Europe+33 3 87 20 3939 

During business hours in Metz, France (9am - 5pm), please contact the main Georgia Tech-Europe number, listed above.

GT Police: (404) 894-2500

In case of emergency, please contact the Georgia Tech Police Department. They will be able to reach the Dean of Students, and his representative at the Europe campus.