Join Georgia Tech-Europe Alumni to inspire future students embarking on a semester at GTE! 

“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered” Nelson Mandela

Your amazing journey does not have to end upon landing back in the US! Our GTE Ambassadors’ program will help keep your enthusiasm and cherished memories alive share and articulate your growth and international experiences in many ways, while being mindful of the rigor of your academic schedule.


Join the GTE Alumni Ambassadors' Program!

Based on your availability, interests, level of comfort and determination, the GTE Ambassadors’ Program offers various activities and events that will allow you to share your experiences while inspiring and motivating future participants. You can ease their transition abroad, while providing yourself with an opportunity to readjust to the re-entry process and reverse culture-shock.

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Who are our Ambassadors?

GTE Ambassadors are GTE undergraduate returnees who have a passion for global education and are interested in a leadership opportunity to work with the GTE program and future GTE students. GTE Ambassadors assist the GTE team with promoting its undergraduate programs and preparing future participants through: Education abroad fairs, student pre-departure meetings, classroom presentations, and other GTE outreach events and opportunities.


Enthusiasm about their international experience at GTE and a passion for involvement in the GT community through co-curricular and academic organizations.  

Interest in an exciting forum to share their experience abroad.  

Willingness to share their insight and expertise with fellow students. 

Willingness to illustrate to future participants what to expect during their time abroad. 

Motivated to provide constructive feedback about the GTE program and share new ideas to help improve processes and the participants’ experience. 

Ability to holistically reflect upon and articulate a variety of topics from their semester(s) at GTE. 

Possess strong multi-faceted communication skills (writing, speaking). 


Participate in focus groups to provide feedback about the program to enhance the student experience. 

Make connections with and take part in events for future GTE students to share experiences and answer any questions students may have before departing.  

Contribute to GTE’s social media content, blogs, newsletters, or other media campaigns. 

Act as a mentor/advisor to prospective and outbound GTE students and make significant contributions to the GTE community. 

Advise prospective GTE students on available opportunities. 

Maintain a professional demeanor and positive attitude regarding international experiences while representing GTE. 

Reliability and accountability for overall responsibilities. 

Personal and Professional Benefits

Share your passion for global education. 

Ease reverse culture shock by engaging with the GTE and GT global education community. 

Enhance your resume through leadership and service and learn how to highlight your GTE experience on your resume and cover letter. 

Join a community and network with fellow GTE alumni.  

Gain valuable experience for professional development through skills such as marketing, event planning, public speaking, and presentation delivery. 

Examples of Possible Engagement

Share your past experiences with photos and videos which will be shared on GTE social media platform(s) 

Contribute a short post for the GTE blog 

Personal interviews by GTE staff (video interview or written)

Be a member of a panel of European travel experts during an on-campus session with future participants.

Participate in online Q&A and Cultural Awareness information sessions with future participants and parents.

Leading online Travel Tips & Advice Information Sessions.

Assisting with recruiting events (OIE Study Abroad Fair in the Fall, FASET, Parents’ weekend, etc).

Organizing or taking part in on-campus information sessions for specific groups and organizations of students (Women in Engineering, IEEE student chapter, Sorority/Fraternity presentations, etc).

Creating a digital story or video relating your experience abroad for future participants.

Accepting to be an occasional email contact to answer specific GTE-related student questions.

Sign-up Process and Timeline

GTE Ambassadors may serve for a single or multiple semesters upon returning to the Atlanta campus.


To sign up for the Ambassador Program, please complete the following GTE Ambassadors’ Application

Application Deadlines

Spring Program Returnees:     June 30

Summer Program Returnees: August 31

Fall Program Returnees:         January 31

Meet our Spring 2024 Cohort of GTE Ambassadors!

Check out their majors, and email them to hear more about their experience at GTE.


Most Unexpected Experience

A spontaneous boat trip in Cinque Terre, Italy. We got to swim in a cave!

IE, Summer 2023

Email AC


Most Unexpected Experience

Riding a cable car ride up to the top of Mänlichenn, Switzerland, overlooking the tallest valley.

ISyE, Summer 2023

Email Aditya


Most Unexpected Experience

A day-trip train cancellation that tested our ingenuity to get back to Metz.

IE, Summer 2023

Email Alexandra


Most Unexpected Experience

Being amazed by how cheap yet delicious the food is in Italy! So good!

BA, Summer 2023

Email Cole


Most Unexpected Experience

Completing Ironman Switzerland Thun with my friend Cole and new friends.

CS, Summer 2023

Email Grant


Most Unexpected Experience

Biking in the rain to Mont Saint Michel the day before leaving Europe.

ME, Summer 2023

Email Jeffrey


Most Unexpected Experience

Running into my old high school classmate in Dublin on St. Patrick's Day.

AE, Spring 2023

Email Justin C.


Most Unexpected Experience

Someone randomly playing the accordion while riding the Paris metro.

BA, Summer 2023

Email Justin P.


Most Unexpected Experience

A trip on a night ferry across the English Channel because our flight got canceled.

BA, Summer 2023

Email Katie


Most Unexpected Experience

How an unexpected train mixup in Nimes ended up being a blessing in disguise.

BA, Summer 2023

Email Mary Chris


Most Unexpected Experience

Running into French professor, Mme. Serafin in Florence & making a TikTok with her.

CS, Fall 2022

Email Rhea


Most Unexpected Experience

Seeing the exciting Vogalonga rowing race around the islands in Venice, Italy.

BME, Summer 2023

Email Taegen


Most Unexpected Experience

Befriending the elderly owners of a hole-in-the wall Italian restaurant in Belgium.

CE, Spring 2023

Email Jack



Most Unexpected Experience

Making friends at Oktoberfest in Munich and then meeting them again in Athens.

ME, Fall 2023

Email Aidan



Most Unexpected Experience

Riding motorcylcles to attend a MotoGP race with my Airbnb host in Valencia, Spain.

ME, Fall 2023

Email Caleb


Most Unexpected Experience

Buying a mask and robe and participating in Carnivale in Venice, Italy.

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Most Unexpected Experience

Missing the ferry to Athens and having to spend an extra night in Mykonos!

Become a GTE Ambassador!