It’s official -- the caliber of teaching at Georgia Tech-Europe is award-winning! Three Georgia Tech-Europe faculty were named to the “CIOS Student Recognition of Excellence in Teaching: Semester Honor Roll” in 2022, and one of the three also received the “Student Recognition of Excellence in Teaching: Annual CIOS Award.”

Professor Nico Declercq, one of GT-Europe’s permanent faculty affiliated with Georgia Tech’s Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering, and Shannon Yee, visiting Associate Professor from the Woodruff School, were both named to the Honor Roll in Fall 2022. Yee was further recognized with the “Student Recognition of Excellence in Teaching: Annual CIOS Award,” receiving a $1,000 stipend.

Sonia Serafin, adjunct lecturer in French with the School of Modern Languages at the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts at Georgia Tech, was also named to the Honor Roll thanks to the enthusiastic surveys submitted by her French 1001 students in Spring 2022.

Georgia Tech’s Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) recognizes 40-50 faculty members each year with the annual CIOS Award, based on student survey responses on CIOS (Course Instruction Opinion Survey).

According to the CTL webpage, “The CIOS score used to determine winners of the award is based on the sum of three scale items: (#16) Instructor’s respect and concern for students; (#17) Instructor’s level of enthusiasm about teaching the course; and (#18) Instructor’s ability to stimulate my interest in the subject matter. Ties are broken by response rate.” The number of Honor Roll recipients varies each year, with Honor Roll recipients also determined by the sum of the same three scale items.

All three Georgia Tech faculty members had at least a 70% response rate from the student surveys for their winning course, and in addition ranked within the top 25% on the composite CIOS scores for their course. Yee also received the “Student Recognition of Excellence in Teaching: Annual CIOS Award,” with a response rate of over 85% on student surveys for his Conduction Heat Transfer course (ME 6301) along with a strong CIOS score as noted above.

Félicitations to the three honorees and thanks to Georgia Tech-Europe students for recognizing excellence in teaching at the Europe campus.